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Jan 12, 1999 12:57 PM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 1/11/99 9:00:41 PM, Jerry wrote:

<<>  Pratyekabuddhas are considered

>higher than Arhats, because Pratyekabuddhas are self-enlightened...

Rich,  I have been arguing this about the Pratyekabuddhas for

years with no success at all.  Purucker and others have labeled

this person one who is "spiritually selfish" and so most Theosophists

lump them into their little bag of evil black magicans.  As you

rightly say, this just ain't so.  But I doubt that you will have much

better success getting this over than I did.>>

Jerry, I will already concede defeat here.  You are right.  At the mere
mention of the term, "friends" are spouting off every quote HPB ever made
about Buddhism in general, while never addressing the point, that Buddhism
originated these terms, and they are the source to which we should turn for
definitions.  According to my understanding, HPB *does* know the original
meanings and usages of Buddhist terms, yet her students don't, because they
won't do the work she did.

If people are interested in HPB quotes on Buddhism, try Hand Speierenberg's
THE BUDDHISM OF HPB BLAVATSKY.  That will save a lot of page turning when
mindlessly copying out quotes.

For my part, if people don't care to learn about the original meaning of terms
before HPB used them, it's no business of mine, and I'll shut up.


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