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Three fundamental propositions

Jan 12, 1999 11:31 AM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 1/11/99 8:19:20 AM, Leon wrote:

<<Theosophy cannot be argued against, since it is based on a book written more
than 8,000 years ago which rests on fundamental principles that either have to
be accepted or not as being valid.  >>

I wish I could be sure of the existence of the book or the date of its
writing.  Actually, I suspect that *none* of us know anything, really, about
the true original or nature of the Stanzas of Dzyan.  We can only take HPB on
faith here, or deny.

What I do think is pretty undeniable, and the whole reason she laid them out,
is the three fundamental propositions of the S.D.  We don't need to accept the
existence of a mysterious book, or a date for its composition, to see the
inherent reasonableness of those propositions.  (If any new readers are
unclear as to what those principles are, just pipe up and dozens of people can
fill you in.)

And, having digested those three propositions, and seeing what follows from
them (brotherood, karma, reincarnation, cycles, etc. etc. etc.) and seeing how
coherent and logical and intuitive the ENTIRE system of Theosophy is, it makes
it a lot easier to assume that HPB is truly in touch with something important,
which may in fact stem from a very ancient book and a long lineage of
guardians who care for that wisdom.

At least, that's been my little sequence of logic.  I may pick at little
statements HPB says, and correct her dates/spelling/whatever, but I never
dream of tackling those fundamental propositions.  And that's why she
highlights them, and bases her entire teaching on them.  Maybe we could have a
conversation about those propositions?


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