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Re: Response to Rich

Jan 12, 1999 11:31 AM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 1/11/99 9:34:09 PM, Jerry wrote:

<<>(3)  Bodhisattva.  A "wisdom-being," one who has taken a vow to become a

>Buddha, and is variously progressed along that path.  Many of us on this


>have taken the vow, but I suspect we are more "embryonic bodhisattvas."

>Still, our heart is in the right place.

As far as I know, the "vow" is to NOT become a Buddha until all living

beings can be Buddhas too.  Am I wrong here?>>

When I get a moment, I'll look up some definitive Buddhist references for you.
For the moment, I would propose that it is not only possible but most
desirable to become a full Buddha as soon as possible, the better to "help and
teach others."  However, being a Buddha does *not* imply disappearing into

I think we should distinguish between full enlightenment, and the extinction
of "presence" implied by Nirvana.  We must assume, I think, that Lord Gautama
was fully enlightened, yet Mahayanists (and HPB) say that he is still


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