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RE: HPB -- What is the Theosophy that she taught ? How valuable is it to us to consider ?

Jan 12, 1999 11:58 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Jan 12th 1999

Dear Friends:

Whatever the "typical Theosophical viewpoint" may be in some
people's minds, it is in fact as diverse as humanity is.  Why is
that?  Why is it that people cannot be lumped into a group by the
imagination of others, and there are always exceptions ?

If one is truly aware of what Theosophy teaches, then one becomes
aware of the universality of our condition, and the many
ramifications that we constantly establish and change.

We are to that extent KARMIC "agents" with a great freedom to
alter our condition and position (if we know what it is and what
our powers truly are).  Yet, we as those, many "Karmic agents"
are ourselves wrapped in other laws that cannot be destroyed or
broken.  It would be a fallacy to believe that the laws of
society and human relationships are variable and flexible while
the whole of Nature's rules and regulations ( as in mathematics,
chemistry, engineering, physics or astronomy ) are rigid and not
"flexible or whimsical.  [ Why do WE endow "God" (if a personal
and anthropomorphic 'god' is meant) with human attributes,
vanity, pride, favoritism, etc... ? ]

Unfortunately there is altogether too much of the
characterization by "name," "fame" and prejudice, one way or the
other, and it seems to be assumed these can be used as a kind of
a universal lever to settle one's opinions vs. others.  This gets
no one anywhere, and one might as well not respond to such
arguments.  However they need underlining.

Impartially, then, there are many powers and forces in ourselves
which are reflections of their far greater counterparts in
NATURE.  Those are the great LAWS - the "KARMA" of a Universe, of
a Galaxy, of a Solar System or of a World, like our Earth, if you
will.  The common regulations which we all depend on for living.
Not just human relations, but food, shelter, protection, etc...
and then inter-action and cooperation among millions of human
beings, known, and unknown.  We cannot intellectually or morally
ever totally isolate ourselves, from the mass of humanity.  And
any "progress" we may make, inevitably reacts on others, and like
the head of a Comet, we have a trail of sympathizers (and
non-sympathizers) in our van.

Then what are we ?  We are mind-beings says Theosophy, and we
live in a physical body made up of all the elements of Nature,
visible and invisible.  We are immortal Spirit-Souls, or Monads
(Spirit-Mind-Body) in essential constitution.  We temporarily,
for this life-time, adopt the mind attitude (if we let ourselves
do this) of our PERSONALITY - the lower, embodied desire-entwined
mind.  A little reflection can assure each of us of the accuracy
of this situation.

As mind-beings we have the power to decide our own future,
employing the motives, and understanding of our universe we have
so far adopted.  But we need to find out if indeed the feelings
we have, and the passions we give residence to, are different
from the "Mind."

What does THEOSOPHY do:  It sets before us the concept that there
is actually a far greater horizon of facts than in our religions,
politics and community beliefs and mores, that we have to take
into account.  To that extent it liberates our minds and offers
for consideration more important views that the ordinary

What does the philosophy of THEOSOPHY offer:

1. It shows that the Universe is ONE in its essentiality.  In
regard to the ultimate SOURCE from which the emanation of the
evolutionary cycle begins, the SECRET DOCTRINE (I - 445)

"There was neither day nor night, nor sky nor earth, nor darkness
nor light, nor any other thing save only ONE, unapprehensible by
intellect, or THAT which is Brahma and Pums (Spirit) and Pradhana
(crude matter)."   A similar extract from the Rig-Veda will be
fund in the SD I p. 26 - a slightly different rendition of the
same ideas.

2. We are a part of it and share in every part of its potentials.
These are, briefly: SPIRIT or "Supreme Being, symbolized by
"Truth and Goodness."  MATTER or "Body and Form", symbolized by
selfishness and isolation.  And, finally, MIND or Universal
Consciousness and Intelligence, which at the time of
'manifestation' emanates myriads of undying MONADS, symbolized by
its "Rays" - and these are an enormous range of immortal beings
ranging in potential from the "atoms" through mankind, to the
Highest of the Beings one can imagine - the Buddhas, Dhyan
Chohans, and "Creators" who are fully aware of the actuality of
the Nature of the Universe, and make themselves AGENTS for the
evolutionary wave, and They are primarily active in the framing
of a new evolutionary pattern out of the memories and remnants of
the older ones.  We think of them as Sages, Rishis, Mahatmas,
Patriarchs, Elohim, Creators, "Gods," Builders, and they form the
ancient College of the WISE.

3. Spirit (or ultimate Good as Law) sustains all life.  Matter
(as form and apparent limits) serves seemingly to isolate us.
Our MIND is able to see both positions and therefore is an
"arbiter" and a decision maker.  We are not bound by the
prejudices of our education and up-bringing, but are free to make
decisions for ourselves-within certain limits.  And, those limits
can be ascertained.

4. The MIND in humans is a specialized organ of PERCEPTION.  It
is in itself independent and free, but may allow itself to be
swayed or colored, temporarily or for long times by "OPINIONS."
And these opinions may be either true or false..

5. The faculty of "desire, and passion - emotion, instinct,
etc.," is a most potent one and is the product of the gradual
evolution of the powers that emanate from the form side of
evolution.  They are "personal" in the sense that they MASK our
true nature not only from ourselves, but from others for a long
or short time.  When the difference between desire and mind is
perceived the "mask" falls and the true nature of our personality
and our mind stands revealed in the forum of the ONE SPIRITUAL
RAY which is the MONAD in evolution.  Thus we are able to "see

6. The distinction between "good and evil" or "pleasure and pain"
becomes on whereby we perceive the results of our choices.   In a
Universe that runs under law we either assist or delay and/or
retard our own progress and that of others by deliberately or
unconsciously choosing to act with or against the great laws.

7. Evolution is universal.  The "Atom" is as much under law as we
are, or as the rest of the Earth is.  It is ONE LAW and not many.
It is the same for all.  It is essentially the brotherhood of

To sum it up as HPB does in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (p. 233) :

"Let me briefly remind you what these principles are-universal
Unity and Causation;  Human solidarity;  the Law of Karma;
Reincarnation.  These are the four golden links of the golden
chain which should bind humanity into one family, one universal
Brotherhood."	  KEY 233

It is quite probable that there are those who will say:  all that
is basic Theosophy.  True. But on an applications of thee basics
to any situation, question, or proposition, an answer can be
derived which will be in tune with the rest.

With best wishes to all,



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