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RE: AC/HPB and the Launching of the TS

Jan 12, 1999 08:56 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Jan 12th 1999

HPB wrote early in the history of modern Theosophy:  [Blavatsky:
COLLECTED WORKS  Vol. 1, p. 300 ]

"In the name, then, of logic and common sense, before bandying
epithets, let us submit our differences to the arbitrament of
reason.  Let us compare all things, putting aside emotionalism
and prejudice as unworthy of the logician and the
experimentalist, hold fast only to that which passes the ordeal
of ultimate analysis."		BCW  I 300
	[ "Views of the Theosophists,"  Modern Panarion, p. 132, end of
the article ]

I believe this criteria ought to rule us all in the matter of

In that very same volume I, on pp. 121-5 the formation of the
THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY is spread out as history, by quoting from
HPB's SCRAPBOOKS.  On pages 72-3, 94 are additional references.

In the magazine PATH, Vol. 10, p. 368-9 a difference in procedure
is described by HPB, as she attributes to Judge, and not to
Olcott, the first writing of a note suggesting the starting of
the TS.

On p. 124 Vol. 1 of the B: C W one will find the names of the
original 16 founding members of the T S.  Of these only HPB,
Olcott and Judge remained members to the end of their respective
lives, supporting and promoting the T and Theosophy.

If we are going to exchange notes about History, then let us go
to information that is accurate - it will save time and maintain
credibility for the writers.

Best wishes,


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