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Jan 12, 1999 01:30 AM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/12/99 6:27:27 AM, writes:

>In a message dated 99-01-12 00:27:29 EST, you write:
> Baloney.  The original TS was HPB, HO and WQJ.  And we all know what they
> thought of and taught about all the necromancer and black magic secret
> societies upon whose teachings the GD was founded.
> LHM >>
>this clown can't even remember that there were six original members!  Thank
>the gods for killfiles.

Very clever.  What did we say about nit pickers (and their sycophants) who use
innuendo, sidetracking, misinterpretation, ridicule, psychologizing and other
diversionary tactics to avoid answering arguments that puncture their
falsities and preconceptions?

What I meant to say, and left out in my haste, was the "original TS founders"
--since I have no idea what those other "charter" members had to say about the
GD or its "black magic" precursor groups.

I wonder who are the real "clowns" are in this "side issue" discussion--whose
underlying thrust was to discredit HPB and theosophy?

So, how about letting theosophy speak for itself--instead of picking on its
"non-authoritative" disseminators and clarifiers?


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