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Jan 11, 1999 10:38 PM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/11/99 9:29:40 PM, writes:

>Here is one area in which HPB clearly excels.  Crowley practiced magic,
>while Blavatsky practiced altruism (except some of her writings show a
>temporary loss of compassion against those whom she felt opposed
>her mission).  However, as I have said before, if I went by a person's
>life story I would never have joined a TS because of the scandalous
>behavior I first read about Blavatsky.  I find it humorous for Theosophists
>to criticize Crowley when Blavatsky was just as "wild" (traveling over
>the world with men, smoking, cussing, maybe having an illegitimate
>child, occult fakery, etc etc). But I stayed because I liked what she
>had to say.  Should I do less for Crowley?

So, from this can we take it that it's okay to like Crowley because he teaches
us to have "compassion" for all the Nazi's who wore the death head symbol on
their uniforms, or for rapists who practice his sexual black magic?

And, how can you so presumptuously and falsely compare HPB's temporary loss of
her compassion for enemies of the human race (which it was her mission to save
and protect) and, in the same breath compare her "rumored" minor peccadilloes
with Crowley's (recorded) unconscionable sexual depravities and his condoning
of Nazi brutalities?  The more you talk the further into your mouth your foot
goes.  (But maybe you haven't got a foot to put in your mouth--since, after
spouting all this misdirected and misleading defense of Crowley along with all
your duplicitous character assassination of HPB, you haven't got a leg left to
stand on.:-)

But do you think we might be justified in forgiving you--in the spirit of
brotherhood and compassion--since you did say you "liked what she had to say"?
(But, then, since you also said, previously--you had no convictions--what
would that be worth? :-)

My suggestion is we get off this time killing junk mail nonsense and get back
to discussing theosophy.  After all, isn't that what this forum is supposed to
be for?


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