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RE: [1] W Judge's 1895 letter on messages from dead Mrs Blavatsky

Jan 11, 1999 03:50 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Jan 11th 1999

All of a sudden we have a spate of comments on Mr. Judge's
"LETTERS" and his relations with Mrs. Tingley, etc...

Whatever is available as a matter of history can be checked by

However it is not the personal transmission of anything that is
ever in question, or important, as nothing that is esoteric or
occult can ever be "transferred."  Any advance of any kind on
those planes has to be self-generated and spontaneous, and no
claims are of any consequence.

What needs to be done is to examine the contents, and the nature
of the information conveyed.

Is it IN LINE with occult and esoteric Theosophical history and
ethics - or not.  Is it universal, impersonal, and does it assist
students to grow and improve themselves ?

No external "authorities" or "Opinions" can vouch for any
communication that is said to pertain to occultism.  Each has to
be tested by the Intuition and each has to be also tested with
what we know manasically of the doctrine.  This is as I
understand the matter.


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