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[6]U L T book attacks W Judge's letters about dead Mrs Blavatsky and K Tingley

Jan 11, 1999 08:19 AM
by David Green

               "The Theosophical Movement"-----1951
               book for sale by United Lodge
               of Theosophists-----offers [below]
               commentary on purported messages
               W Judge received from dead Mrs
               Blavatsky, etc...

               >"In 1932, several years after
               >the death of Mrs. Tingley, some
               >of the 'notes' or pages from the
               >'occult diary' [of W Judge] came
               >to light in the pages of the
               >'O.E. Libary Critic.'  Dr. H.N.
               >Stokes, editor of the 'Critic,'
               >then expressed his own opinion
               >that the 'notes' were in Judge's
               >handwriting, but left the reader
               >to conclude that this identifi-
               >cation proves, not that Mrs.
               >Tingley was properly chosen as
               >Judge's successor in the
               >'true line' of the Movement,
               >but rather that Judge was
               >deluded into thinking that
               >he had received spiritualistic
               >communications from H.P.B.!
               >Now if Dr. Stokes suspected
               >that Judge was a broken reed,
               >the victim of such psychic
               >follies, how could Mr. Ryan
               >cite Stokes in support of the
               >Tingley succession?  Mr. Ryan,
               >apparently, welcomed Stokes'
               >judgment that the psychically
               >received notes were in Judge's
               >handwriting, but the price
               >he paid for this vindication
               >was the reduction of Judge to a
               >dabbler in Spirtualism, a
               >mere psychic dupe.  Judge,
               >whom H.P.B. called 'part of
               >myself for aeons past,'
               >needed a medium, a 'helper,'
               >to get in touch with H.P.B.!
               >What can succession to such a
               >'leader' be worth?............
               >The Theosophical 'succession'
               >of Mrs. Tingley thus becomes
               >lost in a morass of psychic
               >delusion, of claims and
               >counter-claims.  If the
               >'evidence' for it be accepted,
               >Judge becomes a guileless psychic
               >and virtual 'disciple' of Mrs.
               >Tingley.  If the evidence is
               >rejected, Mrs. Tingley becomes
               >at best a self-deluded woman, at
               >worst a charlatan, and so, also,
               >her close supporters." pages

                Central question:

                Are W Judge epistles forgeries or
                authentic letters?

                 If authentic, Judge believed he was
                 receiving messages from dead Mrs
                 Blavatsky.  If authentic, Mrs K Tingley
                 close friend of Judge.

U L T book fails to mention that W Judge's handwriting
in these letters and messages were examined by Stokes
& old friends of W Judge.  Dr Stokes wrote-----

"I was furnished with photographs of most of these
forgotten and now rediscovered documents.  These
I compared, with the assistance of old friends of Judge,
with unquestionably genuine and personal letters of
Judge in their possession and in the presence of a person
expert in examining handwriting, and the unanimous
conclusion was that the documents were actually
written by Judge."

"OE Library Critic" Novem----Decem 1934

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