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[3] K Tingley channels discarnate Judge

Jan 11, 1999 07:45 AM
by David Green

K Tingley channels
discarnate Judge

There's a letter by
Mr Emil August Neresheimer dated
March 31, 1896.  Letter written to
Alice Cleather in England.  Original
in T.S. Pasadena archives.  Published
in EA Greenwalt 1955 book on TS
Point Loma.

Excerpts follow:

"The day after he [Judge] died he
sent for me through [a symbol here
designating Mrs K Tingley] with whom
he made me acquainted in 1894........
Next day early I called, could not
connect with him [Judge], all
I could get through [Mrs Tingley] was
'to go slow, immensely slow.'
He had something to say before the
incineration.  He came again at
12 m. next day but said nothing
of any account. [Mrs Tingley] was
not conscious.

Two days afterward I was sent for
in the evening.............I went,
made notes of what he [Judge] wished
me to say to the others, which was
mostly retailing my entire connection,
introduction by him [Judge] to [Mrs
Tingley], all that transpired about the
arrangement of the Convention of 1895,
program of which was furnished me by
[Mrs Tingley] and which was carried out.
This I did to the (skeptical) audience
consisting of E.T.H. Patterson, James
Pryse, Griscom, Fussell (who were all
designated to hear it) and I also
transmitted the appointment for all
of us to meet at Purple's [Mrs Tingley]
same evening at 7:45 p.m.

The Rajah [Judge] commenced to talk
almost immediately through [Mrs Tingley],
suggesting to select the Outer-Head
and the Council.  First change of
feeling occurred at recognition
of the Rajah.  Skepticism was
carried to the winds, doubts vanished,
and spontaneity prevailed........I
tell you the thing was most wonderful
and impressive......"

Neresheimer was close friend of
W Judge & executor of Judge's will.

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