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Re: RE: AC & HPB

Jan 10, 1999 11:55 PM
by Leon Maurer

Again, thank you Paul.

In a message dated 1/10/99 10:05:58 PM, writes:

>Jerry wrote:
>> I am not aware that Crowley even knew what a Bodhisattva was.
>In which case he must:
>(a) Have either been (very) short of the mark and didn't
>know/understand/study anything of the Arhat Doctrine;
>(b) Ignored what is, after all, a basic tennet of even popular (Mahayana)
>The seemingly endless (some might say pointless) discussions on Crowley
>Co. may be/are distracting many from the purpose of this List (i.e.
>Theosophy). . . . so thank you Dallas for the recent quotes which hopefully
>may help put us back on track.

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