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FW: Crowley vs Theosophical "Path"

Jan 10, 1999 01:07 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

> From: "Dallas TenBroeck" <>
> Sent:	Sunday, January 10, 1999 12:35 PM
> Subject: Crowley vs Theosophical "Path"

Dec 10th 1999

Dear Leon:

I had a quick look at some of Crowley's ideas and those of his
followers like Israel Regardie several years ago.
It seemed to me that they concentrated too much on personal
development and not enough on the togetherness that marks those
who follow the path that HPB and the Masters delineate.  I would
characterize that as "togetherness," or a compassion for one's
companions and co-workers.  And a desire to assist all with whom
we have friendly or personal relations.
I do not believe in following any other path than that which I
choose.  However I do look at the suggestions and reports on the
trials that others expose to view.  Also I try to take into
consideration all that is reasonable and coherent.
As Karma would have it, each pays eventually for the ethical
aspect of the choices that they make.  I would say we cannot
escape from our past choices, and can only modify the effects of
those by some form of personal change we might adopt now in
receiving the result.  If we resent our circumstances and focus
our will on those whom we consider to be responsible, we miss the
educative aspect of the various situations we encounter.  I would
say we ought to practice a certain detachment, so as to be able
to turn "evil" into "good."
Now, if we deem we are ephemera, (as personalities we may
consider ourselves to be apart, and 'separate'), and exist for
this present personal life only, then the errors of a personal
desire for acceleration can be magnified, as we seek to cram as
much experience and dare into the fleeting minutes and seconds of
our waking lives - and usually regardless of the karmic
consequences.  Our "desire" makes us forget to check out the
long-term effect of present motives and works.  Our
"Buddhi-Manas" [ our "Wise and Experienced-Mind"] is set on the
back-burner as something that is too much of a brake to our
desire for excitement and speed.
I say:  "Speed --  for what ?"
Now, if we are immortals as MONADS [SPIRIT-SOUL-MIND], and if
time as such is irrelevant, then, logically, why are we so much
in a hurry ?  Where do WE aim going?  And if we ever get "there"
what will we be doing after that ?  Which is more valuable - the
personality of this life-time, or the INDIVIDUALITY that is an
eternal ENTITY ?  Have we investigated the HIGHER SELF and its
existence ?  (See HPB's discussion over the Secret Doctrine with
some of her pupils as reported in TRANSACTIONS OF THE BLAVATSKY
LODGE, pp 66 - 76 {of the ULT Edition) for instance carefully.)

If it is difficult to answer these questions intelligently and
briefly, as there are so many important points to define and
consider, but for those who have some of the Theosophical
fundamentals ready t mind on might say, briefly:  then I would
say there is some danger in the practices, or path that tries for
personal results as practical magic for the personality only as
Does this make sense to you ?
Best wishes,



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