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Jan 10, 1999 05:24 AM
by Al Wilkinson

I don't know whether Crowley was or was not a Nazi sympathizer or what not.
Neither do I care.

If by an outright rejection of Crowley's teachings and methods then aren't
we avoiding the merging of the opposities? Through what I've read of AC's
work I can't see the emphasise on selfishness (maybe, though in his personal
side), but rather a bent towards totally spiritual and selfless growth. Some
of his spiritual visions are totally inspiring. I've not come across that in
any theosophy book yet (then again, I've not read much).

Leon said:

>>Snip<...The way to get to the "higher Aethyrs" (sic) of Crowley (the
negative energy
planes outside of (or underneath) our positive space--used by black
magicians--not necessarily the same etheric or astral light planes spoken of
by the Masters),...<<

I suppose you've been there to experience and make this absolute judgement.
Maybe that could explain certain things <g>

>>And his "Do as thou Wilt" was also the motto of
the Nazi occultists, justifying their ritual murders.<<

Phew! So the Nazi's didn't follow Crowleys motto which was "Do What Thou
Wilt". There is a huge difference between 'Do what you want' (which is what
you are suggesting it means) and the original motto of 'Do what thou will
shall be the whole of the Law - Love is the Law, Love under will"

As an aside, I read somewhere that HPB became a member of the Golden Dawn.
And that A.C. wrote an extensive commentary to the Voice of Silence. If so,
as anyone got a copy they could point me to?

Anyway, I'm of to read the Secret Doctrine. If it worked for Crowley, then
it might work for me <B.E.G.> (Big evil grin)


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