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RE: Response to Dallas

Jan 08, 1999 05:55 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Jerry:

Thanks for your comments on Theosophy and psychology (modern).

The only thing that our modern views seem to lack is the concept of the
"Mind-Human" being an "immortal pilgrim"  --  that each life is only one of
many stages, and that our view of the personality here and now, may be very
fragmented -- taking the whole into account.  (I mean the reincarnation
aspect, under the law of karma).

In terms of explanations, I agree that modern psychology explains a great
deal of the actions of the personal being -- a mind that is linked to
emotions -- especially those that tend to isolate us from others.

If the view of Theosophical psychology turns out to be a  wider - more
accurate and world-embracing one, and perhaps a more correct perspective,
then many ideas and tenets of "modern psychology" will have to change.  The
expansion will not be to its detriment, I think, but to its advantage.

I think this is the only thing that can be said now -- they are similar, yet
different, because of the basis from which they work.

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