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Response to Dallas

Jan 08, 1999 07:49 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>Is it the analysis of the "personality" -- the "Lower self" as it is
called in theosophy, or is it the more comprehensive approach that
includes all aspects of LIFE --from the incomprehensible ABSOLUTENESS
down to the purely selfish and "one-life" material existence?>

Dallas, both psychology and Theosophy have value to me. The primary
value in psychology is as a study of human behavior.  Modern psychology
is very good at figuring out why we do the things that we do. It is very
good on diagnosis. It is very poor on treatment, but it is a young
"science" and hopefully will develop over the years.

>Which has fundamentally more power and also more peace and harmlessness

Both have power, depending on what you are looking for.  If you look to
the body, then modern medical science is good. If you look to the human
mind then modern psychology is good.  If you want to look at things
higher than the mind, then Theosophy is good.  Theosophy is of little
help to me in determining why I do something.  To say its just my karma,
for example, is a lot like a Christian telling me its just God's will.
It doesn't help.  But if you tell me that I am doing something because I
am projecting my inner unconscious fears or because I have a complex or
phobia or compulsion, then I can get a handle on what to do to fix the

<I have often asked myself these questions and am still searching for
answers, while speaking and writing of what seem to be useful to us

We all have to find our own answers.

Jerry S.

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