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Re: A person and his teachings/character/life

Jan 07, 1999 08:42 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Al:

Thanks for your quick response.

I think that each one of us have to resolve our own problems, and all any
outside entity can provide is bits and pieces of information, which in many
cases will be invaluable. Having said this, let me share some ideas, viewpoints,
as one friend to another.

The current conditions you are faced with are factual. If they are reviewed
objectively along with the objectives and aspirations, along with their
prioritization, then there could be an understanding of the current problem. A
clear understanding of the problem itself will provide a solution.

In looking at spirtual matters, we do have to consider the current conditions.
If one has bills to pay and needs food and shelter, then using one's skills to
earn some money to meet the basic needs need not be in conflict with the
spiritual aspirations -- whatever they may be.

The only exception would be, unless one is starving, one may want to avoid any
work that is causing pain to man/woman or beast or environment. Having met the
basic needs, one can launch on any spiritual inquiry that one feels comfortable.
One's growth need not lead to externally/internally detectable evidence, since
all growth is in non physical world. It is also my feeling that growth may lead
to better appreciation of human relationships and go hand in hand with personal
sacrifice and altruism to benefit our fellow beings and all other entities.

In this day and age, there are many many outfits which may seem/claim to offer
"spiritual" progress. However, I use certain redflags to avoid them. Some of
them are:

1. They want you to "pay" for any spiritual information.
2. They want to control you and your conscience.
3. They want you to "believe" in their doctrines and/or dogmas.
4. They want you to conform to certain rules.
5. They want your wealth.
6. They have a set of public "beliefs" or objects, but the leadership have their
hidden beliefs, which may not be apparent on the surface.
7. The want to shut you up in the guise of such sheepish following will lead to
enlightenment in this life or in some unknown future life. This may be done in
such a highly sophisticated manner that you will not realize about this until
you get caught in it.

I will be very very cautious if I find any one or more of the above in any
organization. After all, I believe we are all grown up adults and need to take
initiative and act *now* once our objectives are clear. Any one with an open
mind and is fearless to act will be seen as a threat by any organized system
because of the lack of predictability.

I want you to think of some of the items I have mentioned. Till you decide what
you are comfortable with, you can keep your money and need not join any

Hope the above may give you some ideas.


Al wrote:

> Thanks Eldon and MKR for responding.
> I'm looking for life. Not merely material but spiritual. Everything seems
> confusion. But I guess I created this myself be looking into everything
> spiritual/magickal I could find. And then one thought conflicts with another
> and my mind tenses up in unbearable leavels. I find no fun in material
> things. No hopes, no dreams, no goals. Ten years ago I rejected a computer
> programming job which paid 800 in favour of spiritual pursuits. Now I'm 29
> I feel as though my life is over and the spiritual life, thoughts and action
> is getting slower and harder with every turn I take.
> I'm scared of falling again. I would like help on how to prevent it. How can
> I mix spiritual with material existence when one seems to block out the
> other? When I get interested in one thing it takes over my life. I consume
> it. Then the fire is gone.
> If I offended anyone by my previous post, then I'm sorry. It's not often I
> let my emotion's get in my way.
> This is about life. I enjoy the studies, but I need some real practical
> advice for a beginning student.
> Thanks, Alan

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