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RE: Re: Paranoid Theosophists

Jan 06, 1999 05:27 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Jerry:

I read what you write concerning your studies and achievements.  Very good.
Now of the various schools of psychology you have studied and worked at,
which has the greatest value ?

Is it the analysis of the "personality" -- the "Lower self" as it is called
in theosophy, or is it the more comprehensive approach that includes all
aspects of LIFE --from the incomprehensible ABSOLUTENESS down to the purely
selfish and "one-life" material existence?

Which has fundamentally more power and also more peace and harmlessness --
the hard isolation of selfishness rooted in a fear of "death ?" or that
which sees the Universe as "embodied consciousness" and a range of potential
growth (through self-effort) which every single entity can achieve, each for
themselves, with full independence and a full range of understanding that
encompasses eventually every other being without disturbing it?

I have often asked myself these questions and am still searching for
answers, while speaking and writing of what seem to be useful to us all.


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