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Re: An Old un-Theosophical prejudice.

Jan 05, 1999 03:56 PM
by Darren Porter

If anybody as an enemy of Theosophy it is any group or individual that
preaches the opposite doctrines ie a group that says we are all not one and
that there are chosen or special people......I wonder who that could be....

Flame Me
Flame Me my Friend
I'm not the only one.........

At 11:51 AM 1/5/99 +1300, you wrote:
>> These Dugpas are the enemies of theosophy as well as of the Masters ..
>Rather a sad phrase.  I consider myself a theosophist or student of the
>wisdom tradition but would never call anyone an "enemy".   Certainly
>there are aspects  one can dislike about a personality or a soul can
>even get so totally lost in an incarnation that the personality almost
>completely takes over.... but always there is the hope that they will
>find their way eventually.
>We also need to recognise that there are lessons in everyone's path and
>therefore to judge anyone simply because of one life is unwise.  To gain
>wisdom we often need to fall into the deepest crevices, slowly climb out
>to the mountain peak to only fall again.
>All roads lead to Nirvana.

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