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Jan 05, 1999 01:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>I can understand your being annoyed at the constant reference to
>her name by me and some others who reverence her.  But that is
>our problem and not yours.

I respect her. You revere her. I think that this is the essential
difference between us.

>By all means put forth your suspicions and doubts.  But why not
>frame them as questions?  What is it exactly that you suspect or
>doubt?  This gives others a chance to respond with those details
>you may not be aware of.

Well, as a matter of fact, Dallas, this is exactly what I thought
I was doing.  I have only said that she was plain "wrong" in a
few instances that I am relatively certain are typos.  All other
times I simply differ in opinion, and I have always tried to make
that clear.  Her teaching on sex (the need for celibacy and chastity)
is not "wrong."  It is a valid approach to take, and one that I
simply disagree with personally.  I would ask, for example, how
sexual relations could possibly make any difference in one's
spirituality?  In fact, I believed we have all discussed this before.

I used to be a convinced Episcopal. Then I became a convinced
Christian Scientist. Then a convinced yogi.  Then a convinced
Tantrist.  Then a convinced Theosophist.  If life has taught me
anything at all it is to always hold fast to doubt and to think for
yourself.  I have vowed to never be a convinced anything.

Jerry S.

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