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Re: Paraniod Theosophists

Jan 05, 1999 01:35 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Several years ago I presented my ideas on ethics and morals on this list
(as well as on theos-l) and was received by more flames than even I had
anticipated. More recently I mentioned the karmamudra and sex, and have
stirred up yet another hornet's nest. Many Theosophists resist my
views on right and wrong and on sex, and would rather dismiss both
topics as unfit subjects for discussion. OK, so why did I bring them up
here? It is not, as some may think, just to stir up trouble, nor is it
just for fun. There was, I have to admit, a method to my madness. To
briefly discuss my reasons, let me remove my Theosophy Hat and put on my
Psychology Hat instead. I have two Ph.D.s both focusing on Jungian
psychology, and I am also a licensed professional counselor (LPC) so I
feel like I have at least some authority to wear such a hat once in

Most people have at least heard of Jung's individuation process. Few
know what it entails. Primarily it is a maturing process for the psyche
which grows and matures much like the body. It really has relevance only
during the second half of life (after 35 or 40 years). It has many
stages, but only four main ones. It is the first two that I would like
to briefly discuss.

The first main stage is coming to terms with the Shadow, an archetype
that holds everything we hate, fear, and despise. We tend to build up a
persona that reflects how we want to be, and place everything we don't
like in the Shadow. The Shadow determines how we view good and evil.
When we dream, we act and think without the persona, and for this reason
I have stated that our dreams serve as our spiritual barometer. As the
contents of our Shadow are brought out into consciousness, we gradually
realize that good and evil really only exist in our minds, and that they
seem to be out in the external world only because of our psychic
projection. After the Shadow is assimilated, we will no longer see other
people as good or evil. The world and its inhabitants will be seen
rather as shades of grey.

The second developmental task is confrontation and assimilation of the
anima/animus. This archetype determines how we view sex in any and all
of its characteristics and expressions. It is also the chief cause of
psychic projection. When assimilated we no longer need to project our
inner feelings and emotions outward onto people and events. We will,
instead, be able to see the world as it really is without distortion by
our personal worldview (this is also the goal of many yogic and Buddhist
meditation exercises).

Let me give two examples of such projections. When I mention sex on this
list, I get feedback implying that I am a Black Magician. When I mention
that good and evil are psychic "value tones" that don't exist anywhere
in the world except in the human mind, I am accused of being a Black
Magician. Even mentioning sex in terms of Buddhism as part of the second
Objective brings out hatred and fear by some. Now, if those who oppose
these two ideas and choose not to enter into any discussion of them are
under 35 or 40 years, then that is OK and I respect their personal
choice. However, if these folks are over 40, then they have a serious
psychological problem and should consider counseling or therapy. To
avoid facing these two issues during the second half of life leads to
what is called "pathological aging." Only by facing them and coming to
terms with them can we hope for "successful aging" (this was the subject
of my second dissertation, so I feel that I know at least something
about this subject).

Of course we can always fall back on the rationalization that Theosophy
is not psychology and keep on avoiding issues that we consider too
unpleasant or too disgusting to talk about. But I have to wonder if
Theosophy and psychology are really all that far apart (certainly
Theosophy goes much farther, but a healthy ego, like a healthy body, is
something that even a Theosophist can use).

Now I am removing my Psychology Hat and replacing my Theosophy Hat. We
are all divine sparks and exactly identical consciousness-centers, and I
love all of you.

Jerry S.

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