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Re: A person and his teachings/character/life

Jan 05, 1999 05:50 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Your point is well taken. However, it is very degrading to anyone to call
another human being as a "nigger". If someone finds his writings helpful, then
it is upto that person to come to his/her conclusions. However, the additional
piece of information might help to keep the person's attitudes in perspective.


Al wrote:

> MKR Said:
> >Crowley used to refer to Krishnamurti as "nigger". Each one of us can come
> >to our own conclusion regarding Crowley.<<
> This is a main concern for me. I was referring to his teachings. Should a
> person's remarks reflect upon their teaching's and spiritual progress? Can't
> we seperate the two? Some things that I find in theosophy I find in
> Crowley - is he to be classed as 'evil'  because of his sometimes stupidity
> or his ritual magick?
> The only reason I'm asking is that Crowley and the O.T.O. present some
> serious hurdles which often deflect me from where I thought I was heading:
> this is happening now and it is a real concern.

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