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Jan 04, 1999 06:15 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Jan 4th 1999

Dear Jerry:

Again, allow me to say that I think none of us are qualified to
criticize HPB or the Masters.

You and I may have opinions.  But we do not have certainty.  Or
do you, and if so from where ?

When any of us will have the ability to write a SECRET DOCTRINE,
or even a KEY TO THEOSOPHY, we might arrogate to ourselves the
right to voice a question or an opinion direct to her on matters
that we find confusing in her life-work.

Personally I do not think that any one of us has such a right and
I would ask you to advance any proof, other than your unsupported
opinion about her competence.  Has anyone proved that she "made
mistakes?"  Or has "misled" anyone ?

I can understand your being annoyed at the constant reference to
her name by me and some others who reverence her.  But that is
our problem and not yours.

What is a fact is:  that without her and her work, we would not
have THEOSOPHY.  As such I believe that respect is due to her,
especially as she is not here to defend herself.  Again I say
that it is not courageous to criticize those who are unable to
defend themselves.  I somehow do not believe that you desire to
ally yourself with that category of person.

By all means put forth your suspicions and doubts.  But why not
frame them as questions?  What is it exactly that you suspect or
doubt?  This gives others a chance to respond with those details
you may not be aware of.

Have you, for instance, read "SHE BEING DEATH YET SPEAKETH ?"

It is a report of a lecture that Jasper Niemand delivered at the
T S in New York on the occasion of WHITE LOTUS DAY in 1892 - the
first anniversary of HPB's death.  It consists of extracts from
HPB's letters.  It was printed in PATH for June, July and August
1892.  In the ULT Edition of "HPB's Collected Articles," it is in
Vol. 1, p. 115 -123.  [ It is also available through " " for reading or as a download. ].
There HPB lets you read her innermost thought about Theosophy,
the T S,  Masters, and the future of the T S - also her problems,
work and the faults she finds in her own performance.

Reference to the extracts of such letters is what I mean when I
ask you for any "proof" of what you assert.


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