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Paranoid Theosophists?

Jan 04, 1999 01:55 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Lastly, I am very disappointed to see the name-calling going on in this
>Disagreements are natural, and for my part civil debate is always welcome,
>especially if the goal is to explore and clarify the teachings of Theosophy
>reported by HPB

Rich, you are probably referring to me Leon and myself here. One of the
problems with discussions on the internet is that after a long and detailed
discussion of some subject, a newcomer enters who begins it all over
again.  I am, to be sure, tired of the constant arguments over good and
evil, ethics and morality, etc that I have endured on this listserve. I
it on HPB herself, who acted out of need in her puritanical world. I am
still appalled by the blinders-on black-white good-evil worldviews of
so many otherwise good and sincere Theosophists who should know
better in today's world.  Oh well. I have given up on Leon, and now
just respond in humor.  I have no bad feelings toward anyone (nor do you,
I am sure) over any topic discussed.  Its not a personal thing, but rather
I find myself at times responding emotionally to an outdated if not
downright pathological  (according to modern psychology such black
and white worldviews are distinctive of borderline personality disorders)
worldview that as Theosophists I would hope we had all outgrown. And
the outright fear and disgust at the subject of sex by today's Theosophist
is enough to have Freud turn in his grave and most of today's
psychologists would equate this with paranoia.  Under such conditions,
having any kind of mature discussion on such topics is impossible.
Theosophists read ad infinum about love and compassion, but it seems
to me that many have very narrow views that border on neurosis.

Jerry S.

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