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Re: An Old un-Theosophical prejudice.

Jan 04, 1999 01:37 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> These Dugpas are the enemies of theosophy as well as
>of the Masters, and they can sometimes be recognized by their inadvertent
>admission of the use or approval of such Sexual (or "karmamudra" as they
>them) Tantra practices.

The idea expressed here by Leon is exactly the fallacy of HPB's
going too far in her good vs evil diatribes.  We get so wrapped
up in looking under our beds for enemies that we fail to understand
the message of compassion or what it can do.  HPB would
probably turn over in her grave if she read the above nonsense,
but after all, its mostly her fault (no, she wasn't perfect, but this,
I think, was probably her gravest error).

Jerry S.

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