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Re: An Old un-Theosophical prejudice.

Jan 03, 1999 03:27 PM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/3/99 10:13:29 AM, Rich wrote:

>To call the Buddhist Tantras "sexual" is grossly unfair, probably brought on
>by the plethora of New Age (Westernized) books that use and abuse Tantras in
>this way.  Again, I implore the list members to ACTUALLY INVESTIGATE the
>Buddhist Tantras now in print, and disabuse themselves of this old, very un-
>Theosophical prejudice.  For starters, let me recommend INTRODUCTION TO
>by Lama Yeshe by Wisdom Publications.  Readers will be pleased to know there
>is simply nothing "sexual" in that book.  It is all about meditative
>techniques to achieve and remain in the highest state of contemplation,
>"Buddha Mind."
>If writers will *refuse* to actually educate themselvs, and yet continue to
>abuse Buddhist works and make charges, they place themselves in real jeopardy
>of hurting others, turning them from valid inquiry, while making themselves
>look like biased fools.

Please understand that what you take as apparently contra Tantra arguments
have not been against the concepts of Tantra teaching per se--which is as you
say, for the most part, simply ritual meditative techniques to achieve the
laudable state of Bodhicitta mind--but was specifically referring to the
practices of "sexual" Tantra teachings that are, in a sense, ritual magic
designed primarily for the Tulku reincarnations of high lamas, as well as
misused as a means to raise Kundalini for purposes of gaining magical powers,
extreme sensory gratifications, or selfish and immoral usages harmful to
others.  These latter applications are typically used by the "black magicians"
which HPB called Dugpas.  These Dugpas are the enemies of theosophy as well as
of the Masters, and they can sometimes be recognized by their inadvertent
admission of the use or approval of such Sexual (or "karmamudra" as they call
them) Tantra practices.

The only reason this subject was brought up (by this writer, at least.) was,
as  useful information about the real purpose of such teachings in Tibet--(in
the face of the apparent misinformation first posted)--in order to expose
their extreme dangers as a practice for untrained experimenters, as well as a
warning or awareness-alert to new theosophy students who might be misled by
such "Dugpas" or their apologists (dupes) who pose as knowledgeable

I hope this clears up your pique against those of us who have shown our
annoyance at some of this sexual Tantra talk along with Tibetan Buddhist
proselytizing in what should be a discussion group devoted to the further
clarification of the theosophical teachings.

Also forgive me, Rich, if what I have quoted from HPB about "ignorant Lamas"
has hurt your feelings.  Between you and me, I am well aware of the vows an
"initiated" Tibetan Buddhist must take to protect their Lama-Guru and their
Lineage--since some of my best friends (and my former wife :-) are Buddhists.


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