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Re: Re: Questions for Rich, Jerry, Dallas et al concerning what the Mahatmas are talking about in their references about "Shammars", "Dugpas" etc.

Jan 03, 1999 00:36 AM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/2/99 7:33:01 AM, wrote:

>Dear Leon,
>You must be one of the great leaders of ULT since you can "root out" people
>from it as you wrote recently:
Thank you for the compliment.  But, who said anything about teaching at ULT?
I certainly didn't.  You don't have to be a teacher in order to observe and
learn, or act on your own knowledge and information..

>> "I have in the course of the last 20 years rooted out three such
>> from the ULT lodges, one of whom had reached the state of "platform
>> lecturer" with a 15 year history as a "sincere" student. "
You can take that as you wish.  Even to burying your head in the sand and
ignoring it, but I know what I know.  If you are really interested and I could
trust that you were a true theosophist with no axes to grind, I could give you
the whole story, verbally, on how this "rooting out" took place, as well as
confirmation by a number of other trustworthy theosophists.  But you would
have to come to see us in person.

> And also you wrote:
>>"As an added note.  Long after HPB and the Masters alerted us to them--
>>before the Dugpas came to America through England (with Crowley) and
>>through Germany (with Hitler)--it was the Christian "Dugpas" (or Jesuit
>>dupes) who infiltrated the theosophical movement through Annie Besant and
>>Charles Leadbeater and introduced the false doctrines of "Liberal
>>Catholicism" with a new, "reformed theosophy" ritual magic (but not called
>>so). . .  Then, with the help of another dupe, Alice Bailey, who channeled
>>DK, a Dugpa Master posing as the teacher of M and KH--these pseud
>>Christian infiltrators enticed out all the rest of the "Christ" conditioned
>>gullible or greedy members of the original TS by offering them a re-coming
>>of the "world group" Messiah--as themselves, plus a new form
>>of ritual "magick" based on "invocations".  As a support of this,
>>they downgraded the S.D. to the "kindergarten" in preparation for the phoney
>>DK's pseudo magical "advanced teaching" in the "Treatise on Cosmic Fire".

This, too, comes from long and deep study and analysis of the history of these
people, their writings and their organizations, plus personal first hand
experience of their inner workings during and after WW2.  You can also take
that as you wish.  It was simply given out to awaken theosophists to the
dangers they may be facing.  "To be forewarned is to be forearmed".
>> What else do you teach at ULT.  I know several people who go there (like
>> Dallas, and Wes) and I would like to know what other doctrines  they are
>> exposed to.

None of that is "taught at ULT".  All that anyone teaches at ULT is straight
theosophy based on the teachings of HPB and WQJ. . . And nothing else. . .
Unless someone is slyly using the platform or the classroom (as at least one
has done in New York) to inject subtle proselytizing of and induce membership
in exoteric religious sects.  Most likely a Buddhist cult or sect, since the
basic teachings of the Buddha, himself--(but not of its later cults,
especially some Tibetan sects)--are entirely theosophical.

Therefore, I wish to assure you and other inquirers, that not one word of what
I have spoken about here--(solely for the benefit of new students listening in
to this forum who might be misled by religious proselytizers presenting
themselves as theosophists and possibly intending to discredit HPB and the
Masters)--is taught at ULT.  It was simply put forward in this forum only as a
warning, since I have detected what I see as a stream of Tibetan Buddhist
propaganda designed to justify certain Tantric practices and defend their
practitioners, some of whom might be Dugpas--black magicians from Tibet and
their followers--who are deadly enemies of theosophy, as HPB and her non-
Tibetan Teachers have pointed out.  If anyone doubts any of this, go check it
out for yourselves, or forget it.  If not, and you think there might be some
truth in what I suspect, just take warning and be vigilant in determining the
motives behind anyone using modern (after Buddha or Jesus) "exoteric"
religious scripture to disprove theosophy, discredit its teachers, or
proselytize an exoteric derivative religion.  Only the "Ancient" esoteric
religions are capable of confirming the validity of the theosophical
teachings.  Many of the modern Tibetan Buddhist scriptures have the same
taints of self-serving priest craft distortions as the Christian Bible, and
they have no credibility as foundations of theosophical teachings (other than
the direct teachings of both Buddha and Jesus) which, come solely from the
Secret Doctrine presented by HPB.  Whether her teachings are right or wrong,
however, each student has to check out and decide for himself.
>What is your opinion on G. de Purucker and James Long. I like his book
>Expanding Horizons which I am studying in Spanish. Are they in the same
>group of AB, CWL, etc.

I have no opinion.--since I have not studied all their writings.  As the
Masters say, "you shall know them by their fruits".  If they advocate practice
of ritual magic or psychic phenomena for selfish reasons, personal power, or
put their own spin on theosophy, etc., they may very well be in the same
group.  Or, they could be harmless theorists who think they have a clear
interpretation of the theosophical cosmology or source of energy (as I have
with my scientific field theory of ABC).  All that really counts, is motive.
So, it pays to inquire of any writer, what his motives are for saying what he
says--before making any judgements..

I wish to state here catagorically, in reference to the ongoing discussion of
Tibetan Buddhist practices, that I have no reason to qualify or prove anything
I've said--that is simply being presented as theories, warnings or
alerts--much of it based on my personal experience and long study of these
matters.  It's up to each student of theosophy to make up his own mind as to
their truth or falsity through his own "self devised and self determined study
and effort".  But, I would be happy to answer or refer to the correct source
any question asked by the sincere student searching for theosophical

Best wishes


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