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Re: Questions for Rich, Jerry, Dallas et al concerning what @@ the Mahatmas are talking about in their references about "Shammars",

Jan 02, 1999 07:27 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Leon wrote:

> "As an added note.  Long after HPB and the Masters alerted us to them--before
> the Dugpas came to America through England (with Crowley) and through Germany
> (with Hitler)--it was the Christian "Dugpas" (or Jesuit dupes) who infiltrated
> the theosophical movement through Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater and
> introduced the false doctrines of "Liberal Catholicism" with a new, "reformed
> theosophy" ritual magic (but not called so). . .  Then, with the help of
> another dupe, Alice Bailey, who channeled to DK, a Dugpa Master posing as the
> teacher of M and KH--these pseudo Christian infiltrators enticed out all the
> rest of the "Christ" conditioned gullible or greedy members of the original TS
> by offering them a re-coming of the "world group" Messiah, as themselves, plus
> a new form of ritual "magick" based on "invocations".  As a support of this,
> they downgraded the S.D. to the "kindergarten" preparation for the phoney DK's
> pseudo magical "advanced teaching" in the "Treatise on Cosmic Fire".

You are entitled to your conclusions.

However one should not overlook the facts, especially regarding Besant and CWL.

Whether one regards what they wrote and taught pass the litmus test of Theosophy or
not, whether one likes them are not, thousands of people around the world were
introduced to Theosophy by their works.

If one comes to Theosophy and it makes a difference in their lives and the lives of
those who come in contact with them, and lives the first Object --  Brotherhood
/Sistehood/Siblinghood, to me, it is far more important than the details of
Cosmogenesis and Anthrapogenesis.

They served as signposts and all of us, including me, who were introduced to
Theosophy are ever grateful -- as one of the Adepts told AP Sinnett  -- Ingratitude
is not one of their vices.

My 0.02


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