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Re: Questions for Rich, Jerry, Dallas et al concerning what

Jan 01, 1999 11:22 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear Leon,
You must be one of the great leaders of ULT since you can "root out" people from
it as you wrote recently:

> "I have in the course of the last 20 years rooted out three such infiltrators
> from the ULT lodges, one of whom had reached the state of "platform lecturer"
> with a 15 year history as a "sincere" student. "
> And also you wrote:
> "As an added note.  Long after HPB and the Masters alerted us to them--before
> the Dugpas came to America through England (with Crowley) and through Germany
> (with Hitler)--it was the Christian "Dugpas" (or Jesuit dupes) who infiltrated
> the theosophical movement through Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater and
> introduced the false doctrines of "Liberal Catholicism" with a new, "reformed
> theosophy" ritual magic (but not called so). . .  Then, with the help of
> another dupe, Alice Bailey, who channeled to DK, a Dugpa Master posing as the
> teacher of M and KH--these pseudo Christian infiltrators enticed out all the
> rest of the "Christ" conditioned gullible or greedy members of the original TS
> by offering them a re-coming of the "world group" Messiah, as themselves, plus
> a new form of ritual "magick" based on "invocations".  As a support of this,
> they downgraded the S.D. to the "kindergarten" preparation for the phoney DK's
> pseudo magical "advanced teaching" in the "Treatise on Cosmic Fire".
> What else do you teach at ULT.  I know several people who go there (like
> Dallas, and Wes) and I would like to know what other doctrines  they are
> exposed to.

What is your opinion on G. de Purucker and James Long. I like his book Expanding
Horizons which I am studying in Spanish. Are they in the same group of AB, CWL

Martin Leiderman
in West Los Angeles, CA

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