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Re: Re: Questions for Rich, Jerry, Dallas et al concerning what the Mahatmas are talking about in their references about "Shammars", "Dugpas" etc.

Jan 01, 1999 05:13 PM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 12/31/98 2:52:58 PM, someone wrote:

>>Even if we concede for the sake of discussion that the Dugpas are
>>actually the Bonpas, what do the Dugpas and Shammars have to do with
>>events in Europe and England?
>I suspect that HPB simply used Dugpa as a personification of an
>evil person and thus they are everywhere.

It is much more likely (to anyone who has really studied ALL the writings of
HPB)  that she used the word to identify those who are members of an evil
cabal of black magicians connected with the mostly primitive and "ignorant"
Tibetan Buddhist sects--(most likely the Red Hat Bonpas, Nyingmapas, and their
clones, who are, for the most part, practitioners of ritual Tantric and
shamanistic magic and the ritual use of powerful herbal psychodelic drugs.)

They are certainly everywhere, since they helped Hitler during his reign of
terror and have been used by the CIA during their notorious drug and psychic
mind control experiments after the war.  Since the above writer also seems to
agree they are "everywhere"--I don't "suspect", but actually KNOW (from first
hand experience), that they have already infiltrated into theosophical groups
and have shown up in theosophical lodges and forums posing as Tibetan
Buddhists or as Dugpa apologists.  They also claim to be sincere theosophists.
Although when tested closely, they sometimes give away their weak knowledge
(but some are very knowledgeable).

Their "act" whether by an actual Dugpa or a Dupe is to introduce Tibetan
Buddhist studies, using the second object as an excuse, and in the course of
it, nit pick the S.D. and use subtle propaganda techniques to discredit HPB
and the Masters--in order to undermine theosophy--which they fear, and which
was and still is their most deadly enemy.

This fear and animosity is evidenced by the extra pains Hitler took (with
Dugpa help) since the mid '30's to root out and murder, in "special" political
concentration camps, ALL theosophists in Germany and the occupied countries.
I know this, also, from first hand information gathered in Germany before the
war ended--because "I vas dere Sharlie" (ULT "old timers" and MI vets will
know what I mean.:-)  If one would read Mein Kampf, it would become obvious
that Hitler's major "textbooks" were the Secret Doctrine (along with Aliester
Crowley's books on "Magick" as practiced by the "Brothers of the Golden Dawn"
and the TIBETAN DUGPAS).  Adolph Shickelgruber (a.k.a. Der Fuehrer) studied
these books when he was 17 as an art student in Munich--and learned all about
the Dugpas and Tibetan black magic (See: THE SWORD OF DESTINY, Ravenswood)
Unfortunately, as HPB well knew, we sometimes have to accept the bad with the

(I have in the course of the last 20 years rooted out three such infiltrators
from the ULT lodges, one of whom had reached the state of "platform lecturer"
with a 15 year history as a "sincere" student.  His giveaway was the use of an
eidetic memory to quote from a vast number of scriptural books which he could
memorize in one fast reading.  He then could rehearse a lecture until he could
present it perfectly with certain "acting" tricks (such as Ronald Reagen used)
to indicate "sincerity".  He would also wear Tibetan jewelry that would
indicate he was a Vajrayana Buddhist, use hand mudras that were obviously
Tantric in origin, and led a "secret" life in his workaday world that was
clearly not theosophical.

I wouldn't be surprised if Dugpas or one of their "stooges" or "apologists"
showed up here one of these days (if they haven't already.:-(  I suggest we at
least be vigilant in order to "separate the wheat from the chaff".  You can
know them by their fruits.

With respect to the second object and its admonition to study the ancient and
modern religions--which they use for an excuse--they can only talk about and
proselytize Tibetan Buddhism, a relatively modern religion (on a par with
Christianity) as compared to the really ancient religions of the Brahmins, the
Egyptians, and the Hebrews (all of which were rooted in ANCIENT Atlantis).
The actual purpose of studying both old and new religions is to point out the
contrast between them and to demonstrate that modern religions have lost the
ancient theosophical wisdom that was the basis of the old religions.

As an added note.  Long after HPB and the Masters alerted us to them--before
the Dugpas came to America through England (with Crowley) and through Germany
(with Hitler)--it was the Christian "Dugpas" (or Jesuit dupes) who infiltrated
the theosophical movement through Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater and
introduced the false doctrines of "Liberal Catholicism" with a new, "reformed
theosophy" ritual magic (but not called so). . .  Then, with the help of
another dupe, Alice Bailey, who channeled to DK, a Dugpa Master posing as the
teacher of M and KH--these pseudo Christian infiltrators enticed out all the
rest of the "Christ" conditioned gullible or greedy members of the original TS
by offering them a re-coming of the "world group" Messiah, as themselves, plus
a new form of ritual "magick" based on "invocations".  As a support of this,
they downgraded the S.D. to the "kindergarten" preparation for the phoney DK's
pseudo magical "advanced teaching" in the "Treatise on Cosmic Fire".  For more
on this check out:
<A HREF="";
(Study of these new "psychic religions"--including the Rosicrucians many of
whom are also former theosophists--actually falls under the 3rd object, and is
certainly more worthwhile than the pointless study of modern Tibetan religions
without direct comparison to the ancient religions that they have left behind
and forgotten--which is the purpose of the 2nd object.)

Stay tuned,


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