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Re: Krishnamurti on CWL's Clairvoyance

Jan 01, 1999 11:03 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Martin:

I do not know if it has been formally published. However, it is on record. It
is in a four part e-mail msg. I will shortly post them. The excerpt is only a
very small part of them.

As for my personal opinion of CWL's clairvoyance, one thing is for sure. He
was right in picking up K, IMHO.

Since K had known him for years, he must be speaking from personal knowledge.
The only other indirect reference to CWL's clairvoyance is in Ernest Wood's
book - Is This Theosophy?. Ernest Wood was his private secretary for years and
hence he was also speaking from personal knowledge.

Recently I learnt that Tillett's thesis contains a lot of information than
published in his book -- Elder Brother. I do not know if there is any
additional info in the thesis to throw light on CWL's clairvoyance.

Happy new year to one and all.


Martin Leiderman wrote:

> Thank you MKR for sharing K's comments on CWL.
> But, who is Mr. Gonzalez, and where is that conversation recorded, in a
> book?
> Also did K. explain what he meant by "temporarily clairvoyant" or it was
> just his way to account for CWL "finding" him?  What is your opinion about
> CWL being a  clairvoyant.
> Thank you, And happy new year to all.
> It is my hope that we may be able to chat and share for the betterment of
> our being.
> Plato said that we only have an OPINION about things. Then we should
> respect that opinion without attacking 'a la nazi' - to convince, to
> demonstrate how much we know, how right we are, and so on...
> Martin Leiderman
> in Los Angeles CA
> M K Ramadoss wrote:
> > Here is an interesting excerpt from a conversation between Gonzalez and
> > Krishnaji.
> > K's comment on CWL is to be noted.
> >
> > > I said, "I worry the schools are going to become elitist and that
> > > only the wealthy will be able to send their children to them."
> > >
> > > Krishnamurti said: "We have to work with what we have and we have
> > > to talk with the words we have. I was born in a very poor home and
> > > some of my brothers died from tuberculosis or malnutrition. But
> > > look at me! I'm doing very well, huh?"
> > >
> > > I said, "you were lucky you had teachers like Leadbeater who was
> > > even clairvoyant."
> > >
> > > Krishnamurti said, "Yes, I was very lucky. Leadbeater was
> > > temporarily clairvoyant, and I was lucky that everything he said
> > > entered through my right ear and left through the left."
> > >
> >
> >

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