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RE: theos-l digest: December 31, 1998 == "Rebels" who delayed incarnation into physical mankind

Jan 01, 1999 05:35 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 1st 1999

Happy new Year to you Murray.

If one desires to trace the triple pathway of evolution for the
human-soul, I think one might begin on p. 181 of SD I where that
triple line is described.

Briefly, as I understand it:

MAN (and WOMAN) is a SOUL - MANAS.

When this MANAS is "lit up" by the proximity of the Dhyanis who
are its tutors (just as adults light up the mind of children in
our own families) it becomes independent.  Since MANAS is an
immortal MONAD it has access to all the wisdom and knowledge of
Nature all around it.  It has already been through numerous

The physical body is the result of the natural evolution in the
lower kingdoms of all those monads which will eventually become
independent MANASES and pass into the HUMAN KINGDOM.

In the meantime not only does "Natural impulse" propel them but
they are influenced for better or worse by the impact of the will
of Human Minds.  These non-individualized MONADS become the
"Skandhas" and are the bearers of Man's individual Karma.

The Dhyanis (the wise) incarnate along with (or "in") the human
form so as to assist the independent MANAS  (a MONAD which has
entered the MANASIC stage of its evolution)  This is a voluntary
sacrifice made to assist in the general program of evolution,
but, as stated in THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE at the end of the 3rd
Fragment (pp. 76-78) the graduate has a final choice:  to become
selfishly isolated and enter "Nirvana," or to continue to
participate in Evolution by this process of co-habitation.

In the SD are some very interesting references that relate to
this matter.

Please see:  SD I 87 105 130 150fn 159 210 248 267 574  II 69
87-9fn 93-98
		 SD II 167 186 241 246 254-5fn 275 293

to 76 deals with the same idea and HPB there answers questions
about the relationship of the HIGHER SELF (the Dhyani) and the
"personal or Lower Manas" which is active in each of us in the
waking condition of our daily lives.

I mention these because the accumulated information offered there
is suggestive of a solution, to me, along the lines I write

See if you get the same kind of ideas out of those pages.


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