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Re: Krishnamurti on CWL's Clairvoyance

Jan 01, 1999 10:02 AM
by Martin Leiderman

Thank you MKR for sharing K's comments on CWL.

But, who is Mr. Gonzalez, and where is that conversation recorded, in a

Also did K. explain what he meant by "temporarily clairvoyant" or it was
just his way to account for CWL "finding" him?  What is your opinion about
CWL being a  clairvoyant.

Thank you, And happy new year to all.
It is my hope that we may be able to chat and share for the betterment of
our being.
Plato said that we only have an OPINION about things. Then we should
respect that opinion without attacking 'a la nazi' - to convince, to
demonstrate how much we know, how right we are, and so on...

Martin Leiderman
in Los Angeles CA

M K Ramadoss wrote:

> Here is an interesting excerpt from a conversation between Gonzalez and
> Krishnaji.
> K's comment on CWL is to be noted.
> > I said, "I worry the schools are going to become elitist and that
> > only the wealthy will be able to send their children to them."
> >
> > Krishnamurti said: "We have to work with what we have and we have
> > to talk with the words we have. I was born in a very poor home and
> > some of my brothers died from tuberculosis or malnutrition. But
> > look at me! I'm doing very well, huh?"
> >
> > I said, "you were lucky you had teachers like Leadbeater who was
> > even clairvoyant."
> >
> > Krishnamurti said, "Yes, I was very lucky. Leadbeater was
> > temporarily clairvoyant, and I was lucky that everything he said
> > entered through my right ear and left through the left."
> >

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