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Re: Theosophy Embraces Nothing....It simply Picks out those things......?????

Nov 25, 1998 05:56 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>Daniel comments:
>In the above exchange between Jerry and Dallas, I would have to
>agree with Dallas' last reply.  Throughout Madame Blavatsky's writings
>as well as throughout the letters of the Masters, the view of Theosophy
>is that as given by Dallas.  Jerry may not agree with that view.  That's
>okay, but his view is not that as given by HPB and her Masters.
>I am somewhat puzzled by Jerry's statement that:
>"Theosophy. . . simply picks out those things it likes best . . . "

There are two sides to this story. HPB gives her side, while the
world's religions that she is trying to unite give theirs. Which is
right depends on your belief system. I am trying to explain
why her message has not been adopted or even remotely
accepted by any of the world's religions.

>You certainly don't LITERALLY mean this, do you?  "Likes"? Please define
>this entity "Theosophy" which can "pick" and "like". Exactly what do you

What is a nosegay?

Jerry S.

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