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Cease and Desist

Nov 21, 1998 00:17 AM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 11/21/98 2:32:31 AM, Darren wrote:

<<>->  SNETNEWS  Mailing List
>     Some interesting assertions about Social Security Numbers, IRS, Federal
>Reserve and how they pertain to you.

Once again, I *must* protest.  This list is for the study of Theosophy, our
questions about Theosophy, and sources of Theosophy.  It is NOT a place to
investigate our government, debate the pros and cons of democracy, indict the
monetary system, or propose X-files-like accusations.  There are more than
enough place on the Web do read about these, and anyone who can find will be able to track them down.

I insist, please stop posting conspiracy/government/financial/anit-Semitic
comments and resources, it is a huge drag.  We all are receiving 50+ pieces of
mail a day, and it is a total drag to wade through these.  I use email to
communicate with my 200 students, friends, and Theosophical study groups like
this one, and these irrelevant and out of place posts are making me miserable.


Richard Taylor

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