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You can leon me, I'll be there

Nov 20, 1998 05:38 PM
by Darren Porter

Leon (are you a Leo - a double lion) wrote:
>Big deal!  It's easy to apologize for profanity. . . But that's just the tip
>of the iceberg.  How come you don't apologize to the numberless Hebrew
>both alive and dead  (some, possibly, your own ancestors) you profaned
>publicly with your false and unfounded accusations?   

In my understanding (and i've been wrong before) the Hebrew people are a
race - of whom I have no probelm with as I have no probelm with any race of
people - while Jews are religion - with a way of thinking that defines them
as a group. Weren't the Jews responsible for genocide in the past? Or do
the history books lie about everything?

What accusations in particular are unfounded? The rebuilding of the temple? 

Does anybody remember the British Currency plunge instigated by one man -
whom Dr. Mahatthir has named publicly?

>What other ulterior motives do you have that you're so anxious to ingratiate
>yourself in this forum by confessing to and asking for punishment for such a
>minor crime as profanity?  Who do you think you're kidding?  Copping a plea
>won't excuse you for the rest of your ignorant and hurtful remarks. 

How would expulsion ingratiate me? I am totally willing to be banned if
thats what everyone wants. 

>who spew such a sick line of Nazi propaganda as you did, give us little
>evidence that they can be trusted in whatever else they say or do. 

What exactly was 'nazi propaganda' ?

>in any event, continuing to try to turn theosophy into a political or
>revolutionary movement to overthrow capitalism is just a waste of both your
>and our time.  All it shows is that you have very little understanding of
>the purposes of the theosophical movement or the teachings of
>theosophy--(which will eventually overthrow capitalism and its evils and all
>the other isms and their evils in it's own way, and in its own time--without
>the use of politics, polemics, propaganda or force of any kind--which never

Agreed. Probably within the next twenty years - When the population can be
counted on both hands, they'll all more than likely embrace the
theosophical ideals.

>  As a great theosophist, Buckminster Fuller once said, "You never can
>change anything by fighting the existing.  To change something, build a new
>model and make the existing obsolete."
>There are many theosophists who are working on building that new model.
>it would behoove you, if you want to remain among them, to put aside your
>prejudices, and listen and study for awhile until you begin to know what you
>are talking about.  Then maybe you might be able to propose or join in some
>theosophical action to help change the world-mind that makes some sense.

I love bucky fuller but what about the French Revolution, The War of
Independence, The Civil War?

>Remember, Buddha said, "Everything we are is the result of what we have
>thought--and everything we will become is what we are now thinking."  
>Your kind of angry, blind, destructive thoughts are what made this world what
>it is in the first place.  You would be wise to change them into something
>more theosophically constructive.  Overthrowing a system forcibly never can
>change the minds of those that formed that system.  So, how long does it take
>for it to rear its head again--even stronger than before?  

We should forgive our neighbour 7 times.

>Capitalism, today, has become no different in its motivation (with the same
>elitist people behind it) than the fascism and Nazism it forcefully overthrew
>yesterday--except it's a lot stronger militarily, and its dirty tricks a bit
>more sophisticated.  You play right into their hands with their divide and
>conquer philosophy that always looks for a scapegoat to pit one faction
>against another.  Wise up and start thinking like a mature human being who
>understands that Universal Brotherhood, the first object of the theosophical
>movement, means just what it says and really is a fundamental "law of nature"
>that eventually will win out in the end. 

Taken on board

>With all good wishes, 
>Leon Maurer

And to you

But before I go - I have been doing research into anti-semitism to find out
why it is that these people are constantly throughout history made the
scapegoats. I found an excellent article at :

An Interloper's Contribution to the Debate:
Reactions to the Holocaust
(A l'intention des participants au XVIII Congres
des Sciences Historiques, Montréal, 1995)

I suggest anybody really interested in History read this, it is
fascinating, it explains how anti-semitism found a foot-hold in germany.

Basically it revolves around a public speech given by a Zionist Council
member before World War I that contained this phrase -

"in the coming world war"

Think about that for a bit.

Henry Ford, heard of this speech and found a published transcript which he
later used in conjunction with the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' to
publish an article entitled ' The International Jew '.

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