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Re: Re: re: Tony's msg

Nov 18, 1998 01:21 AM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 11/18/98 4:27:10 AM, Tony wrote:

<<>Most exoteric buddhism says alcohol should not be consumed but makes no
>mention of any other drug.
>Alcohol is the sacrament of the catholic church
>so you can make your own inferences from that.

Doss responded: You are so right!

Not right, I'm afraid, at least on the limitation against alcohol.  The better
translation of the five precepts of "exoteric" Buddhism states that the devout
Buddhist layperson is forbidden to take "intoxicants."  *ALL* Buddhist
traditions agree on this, at least in theory (some Zen teachers are known to
take some sake, and some Tibetan lamas consider themselves free from mundane
restrictions).  Later elaborations on this prohibition make a specific mention
of mind-altering drugs, for this is said to interfere with the development of
inner reliance and focused, calm meditation.

"Exoteric" Buddhists are NOT trying to induce fantastic mind-altering
experiences, but to truly understand the here and now.  Walking meditation is
about nothing else than walking, the sensations of walking, noticing the
arising and passing away of steps, thoughts, moments.  Sitting meditation is
about nothing else than sitting, the sensations of breathing, the arising and
passing away of breaths, thoughts, moments.


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