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Re: Theosophy in the Media

Nov 17, 1998 08:00 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 17th 1998

Dear Darren:

Either you are a serious inquirer into theosophy or you are one
who desires to put things in the crudest manner that you can

Profanity and farmyard language are not the signs of an
enlightened mind.  Some of us are seeking the TRUTH of things in
nature and in ourselves, and the base aspects are not welcome -
at least by me.

I do not care for that and especially not in a "Theosophical"

Please excuse my being blunt, but if you cannot handle decent
language to your friends.


Your response to Frank is inexcusable.  If you have something
valuable to say then say it clearly and directly.

> From: D. Porter
> Sent:	Tuesday, November 17, 1998 4:44 PM
> Subject: Re: Theosophy in the Media

Frank the Ostrich wrote:
>Darren writes:
>>Theosophy really needs to enter into politics.
>Never, never, never. We should not follow blind the astral track
of around
>2,000 years ago. Theosophy must be kept pure and unaltered,
otherwise it
>will die as soon as the Christendoom died when it became a
church and a
>political, mundane force. Politics meddles only with today and
the results,
>Theosophy in first line with the causes.

Frank, to put frankly , you're a fuckwit. It is idiots like you
that sit
back and let the world fall to pieces. I've listened to your
bullshit for a
couple of weeks now and I'm almost physically sick.

The United Jewish States are systematically planning the downfall
of the
entire world, and we are to just sit back and let it happen. I
was accused
of being an anti-semite on TI-L, and at the time I didn't think I
was - but
now that I know some of what is really going on the world I'm
proud to say
that Jews suck plain and simple.

We are constantly being accused of racism my Jews, but is in fact
they who
are the real racists. Every non-jew is Goyim - Human cattle to be
used by
Jews for their own benefit. HPB has nothing but contempt for
them -
especially their 'angel worshipping'.

Now, I expect heaps of flames now, but first I ask anybody to do
RESEARCH....Here are the clues.

1 - Malaysia
2 - Bill Clinton and Chinese 'Soft' Money
3 - the IMF
4 - the rebuilding of the Temple
5 - Who really financed Hitler?
6 - Who makes money from war?
7 - Usury
8 - Henry Ford
9 - Sassoons
10 - the MAI

if you do the research properly and connect the dots, you'll end
up with
the star of david.




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