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Re: Theosophical History

Nov 06, 1998 08:33 AM
by Lorraine Christensen

There seems to be a breath of fresh, clean air moving through theos-talk
discussion list these days.  How tiresome at the least and distressing at
the worst has it been to read past messages filled with disparaging remarks
about various individuals who played significant roles in theosophical
history.  Better to focus on the good that was accomplished.

The words of both Martin Leiderman and Ramadoss, copied as follows, are like
rays of light and hope to me:

>>in the leaders of the 3 organizations, who provide the keynote for the
>>I hope as new generations of theosophists appears, they maybe less bias
>than the
>>old generation   who sing the same old song like a broken record  which is
>>have the historical truth about the motives and doing of such and such'
>>My hope is before my time expires, to see a closer relation of the 3 TS'
>>on the 3 Objects just as like you wrote so well.
>>Martin Leiderman
>Dear Martin: I think changes in the right direction is already happening
>whether we realize it or not. We are already talking to each other no
>matter whether we are aligned with one organization or other or none. As I
>have always held, it is the handful of dedicated individuals who can
>accomplish great changes and results. Let us all join together for our love
>of theosophy and what it can do to the world and do all we can. Thanks
>again for the support.

My thinking and my viewpoint are in line with that of those two gentlemen!

Sincerely yours, Lorraine Christensen

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