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Re: Theosophical History

Nov 06, 1998 08:12 AM
by Rodolfo Don

Isn't it time that we realize that there are no leaders in theosophy?  The
pompous administrations of TS groups are just that:  administrators of
assets.  NOTHING ELSE.

There is a lot of valuable examples in theosophical history if we care to
look,  but to try to find guidance and examples in contemporary
"controlled, secretive, and hierarchical" pseudo-theosophy, is suicidal.

Rudy Don

>And yet every newcomer has to go through the painful awakening of theosophical
>politics about its historical past (very human indeed). The main problem
>in the leaders of the 3 organizations, who provide the keynote for the rest.
>Martin Leiderman

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