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Re: Theosophical History

Nov 05, 1998 11:20 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear Ramadoss, how much truth is your words:
"... Too often many are in the dark about the historical facts and history
cannot be
totally divested...."

And yet every newcomer has to go through the painful awakening of theosophical
politics about its historical past (very human indeed). The main problem resides
in the leaders of the 3 organizations, who provide the keynote for the rest.
I hope as new generations of theosophists appears, they maybe less bias than the
old generation   who sing the same old song like a broken record  which is 'I
have the historical truth about the motives and doing of such and such'

My hope is before my time expires, to see a closer relation of the 3 TS' based
on the 3 Objects just as like you wrote so well.

Martin Leiderman


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