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Re: Theosophical History

Nov 05, 1998 11:07 PM
by Martin Leiderman

I think Jeery Schueler hit a very important point when he wrote on the subject
of the 3 TS'

"How about if we all agree that Adyar and ULT/Pasadena see their history
differently and try to go on from there? I like
to think that Adyar's recent public acceptance of Judge is a good start toward
our unification, for example. We will never get others to change their
viewpoints of theosophical history, so why do we keep on trying which just
inflames everyone?"

We have miraculously produce not one as the Object  says but 3 nucleus of
"Universal brotherhood" excluding  each other.  Therefore maybe the solution is
to add to our first object : "regardless of the Theosophical Past Leader you
like, including Besant, Judge, Tingley, Crosby, GDP, Leadbeater, etc."

I like too, the refreshing words of Jerry S.   It is time to look at the future
of the TS and be more constructive about it.  Memories of qualifying our TS
founders weigh as much a  ton of garbage, and will only produce garbage =
discord and disharmony, resentments and fantasies- the opposite to our Divine

On the practical side, it will be more important to have open dialogues about
the ways to improve the TS public view, to educate people better about the
fundamental ideas of the Divine Wisdom and its positive effects in our lives.


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