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spiritual versus psychical experiences

Sep 16, 1998 02:23 PM
by Eldon B Tucker


[writing to Dallas]

I'd put it differently.

>> DALLAS: How can one determine the difference between a
>>"spiritual" and a "psychic" experience ?
>> I think this is important as it is difficult to do.  Are any
>>criteria given ?  Do you have any references I can use ?
>All the difference in the world. When you have a spiritual (formless)
>experience, you will know it, and then you can judge it against
>psychic (with form) experiences yourself.

As I see it ...

Spiritual experiences are exemplified by increased sentience,
awareness, luminosity of consciousness, understanding and
appreciation of what is before one in life.

Psychic experiences are exemplified by increased sensory
perception, of image, color, form, shape, touch, taste, etc.
of this or some other plane.

It's possible to have heightened spiritual consciousness, like
in Zazen, with restricted sensory inputs, or heightened
psychical awareness of astral or higher-plane imagery with
little or no heightened consciousness, like in mediumship.

-- Eldon

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