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SD I: the page number from page 60 is missing OR IS IT?

Sep 09, 1998 10:36 AM
by Daniel H Caldwell wrote:

>As you haven't really addressed this it seems that you assert that >there
>isn't a connection?  That is fine, but some see that there is.  Some >see the
>inverted commas.  Others don't.....  Some see the disc,  see that the
>original edition of the SD is significant,  see that the date 1888 is
>significant,  see the fact that the page number from page 60 is >missing,
>...others don't.


Thanks for your many comments.

You make the statement that in THE SECRET DOCTRINE [Vol I] :

"the page number from page 60 is missing. . . . "

Upon turning to the facsimile edition published by
Theosophical University Press in 1988, I see that in Volume One
of that edition, there is NO page number for page 60.  Okay.

BUT. . . BUT. . .

on turning to the facsmile edition (1982 reprint) by the
Theosophy Company, I find in Volume One that page 60 has
a page number!!!!  60 is there.

Shades of horrors, the occult code has been tampered with!?
What other occult codes have been edited in or out of this
Theosophy Company edition?

Or maybe it is the TUP edition that is . . . . . . . . .

Which reprint really preserves the occult code of 1888?

More later.


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