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Re: The Absolute

Jan 31, 1998 12:50 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

Glen, Dallas, Govert and all who have contributed to this thread. Thanks for your contributions. I
find it all very fascinating. In answer to your input I'd like to submit the following outline of a
"mini cosmology":

It seems that life consist of two (integrated) compartments:

1. The uncreated
2. The created

The intellect may challenge the concept of "uncreated existence". Doesn't everything that exists have
a cause? At least this is our experience as we have been conditioned to experience through the filters
of time and space. But on the other hand we have to admit that there has to be an original causeless
cause, otherwise nothing would exist. The original Creator cannot be created, because there wouldn't
be anything/anybody to create it/him/her. The following concerns primarily the uncreated realm of
existence, since I believe that an understanding, even though preliminary and incomplete, of that
which is before creation, will help us understand changing and evolving life also.

It follows logically that "something" within the realm of the uncreated is creating whatever is
part of creation. What we call "the Absolute" is obviously a part of the uncreated, even its
foundation. We "understand" that the Absolute is Existence itself, without differentiation or
qualities. There is no movement or action of any kind in the Absolute. Therefor It can NOT CREATE
anything. It does not do ANYTHING. It just IS. The Absolute is nothing but unlimited potential. It is
NOT the Creator. So, there must be an UNCREATED
something/somebody, that/who is the creating agent. This is what we often call the "Word".

What can we say about the Word? First, it must somehow be connected to the Absolute (otherwise it
would not exist at all). The objection arises: How can something be connected to a no-thing that is
void of all  qualities? I don't think we can find an intellectually satisfying answer, but it may help
to think of the Absolute as possessing one quality after all - BEINGNESS itself. In some mystical way
the Word is merged with the Absolute - it *IS* the Absolute in its *active* aspect. The Absolute has
two aspects, in
other words. 1) The Passive Absolute and 2) The Active Absolute. The Active Absolute is not yet
manifestation - it is still uncreated "nothingness" - but it not only IS, it also DOES. It doesn't do
anything in particular, of course, it just - vibrates. This vibration is not a movement as we think of
movement - to our minds movement has direction, beginning, end. The "movement" of the Word is simply
the ability to create. If the Absolute existed only in its "passive" aspect nothing would ever be
created. (When we talk about the Passive and the Active aspect of the Absolute it is really an
abstraction, a way to make the unthinkable processable by our minds. In reality the passive and active
aspects are one and inseparable.)

But, there is still something missing. The Absolute, even its active aspect, would not necessarily
create anything, although the creative ability is there. There must be something more. If we think
about the fact that the Word is a kind of original movement/vibration, we are led to the conclusion
that the Absolute within itself must contain a polarity. Not duality, but polarity. Nothing can
vibrate without there being a difference, a potential, if you will, between whose extremes the
vibration can take place.

These "phenomena" takes place within the Absolute itself, they are all uncreated. They are the
prerequisites for creation.

Let us continue - a polarity is only a polarity if we have *poles* and a pole is/has *identity*. A
pole is a defined point of origin of something. In this case the poles originate the "movement" of the
Word. Let us, for simplicities sake, call the poles + and - . The + and the - signify a *difference*.
If there is a difference there are *qualities*, since the things that differ differ by virtue of their
different qualities. The "plus" possesses one or more distinct qualities, the "minus', likewise. If we
try to
*name* these most basic existential qualities, what would we call them? I am sure there are many names
we could use; all incomplete, but all also, perhaps, partially true. Some word pairs, like
Father/Mother or Creator/Destroyer, emphasize the Personal aspect of the poles, while others, like
Power/Love, more emphasize qualities in an impersonal sense.

I suggest the words "Givingness" and "Receptivity" as descriptions of the primordial, uncreated
qualities, inherent in all life, created and uncreated. "Giving" and "receiving" depend on each other
and describe the most basic life processes, inherent in the Word itself. The giving "Pole", (+), is
the "Giver" and the receiving Pole, (-), is the "Receiver". One cannot exist without the other. We can
look at them as *Persons* (Giver/Receiver) or *qualities* (Givingness/Receptivity). They are/have
personality (personhood) AND quality. The passive, receptive pole is the "Knower", the active pole
that which becomes the known.

What we need to remember is that all of the above is part of the uncreated. There is no time, space or
manifestation in this realm. So far we are talking about that which IS, not what was or will be. One
error that we are prone to is to think about time as something that was created a very very long time
ago. Not so, time is created now, in the eternal now. Time did NOT start happening. It is created "as
we speak". ("Before Abraham was, I AM").

So, we have Existence (the Passive Absolute), Creative capacity (The Word) and Personality (+/-). We
are now ready to Create! Well, *almost*. In order for the Word to be employed in creative activity,
there has to be a modulating influence. The Word itself is Creative potential, not creative process.
Where do we find the modulator? The Word is potential infinite creativity but it has to be put to use.
How does that happen? And by what agency? I think, in essence, that it just "happens". The Giver and
the Receiver/Perceiver have a relationship through their ongoing giving/receiving. In this
relationship awareness arises. It is Self awareness. And with the awareness that "I AM", comes the
awareness that "I AM infinite creative capacity". I think that is how creation begins - by the agency
of awareness. What then follows is the modulating of the ebb and flow of the movement of the Word. The
Word does not "change", it remains what it is. At the same time modulation/creation takes place. As
soon as modulation starts, abstract time and space (not physical) has been created. From there on it
is a matter of variation and densification in infinite degrees. A sustained pattern of vibration is a
form, and there is no end to the possibilities. The Word is part of both the absolute/uncreated and
the relative/creation. The Word is what is *Real* about creation, all "appearances" are "maya".
Illusion comes from the fact that it is possible to have a limited view point. Instead of perceiving from the point of view of the Receiver/Perceiver it is possible to locate a "Pseudo perceiver"
somewhere on a limited aspect of creation. From such a veiwpoint everything becomes relative and Truth
is to be found nowhere.

And that's all I have to say about that (for now).


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