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Re:Re: Yod He Vau He

Jan 28, 1998 03:29 PM
by Keith Price

>From: "Nicholas Weeks" <>
>Date: Wednesday, January 28, 1998 12:00 AM
>Subject: Re: Yod He Vau He

>>Keith:  The source from which the words emmanate are from the SOURCE of
>>ANCIENT WISDOM including theosophy which is the voice of the silence,
>>inner teacher, experience, higher consciousness itself.  The whole point
>>the theosophical movement is away from texts.
>Sure -- in some future aeon maybe.  That is why HPB wrote over 20 volumes
>books, articles & letters.
>> But all teachers, including HPB have said to test it
>>with your own consciousness and reject it.
>Test what? How can one be certain that the idea that appears in "our"
>mind is always & only "ours"? Where does "our" consciousness end and
>"theirs" begin? I would like to know where HPB & "all teachers" have
>expressed this notion (in a non-literary form of course).  Buddha,
>Shankara, Patanjali and all the major lights I'm  aware of have, on the
>contrary, never advocated a purely gnostic approach. "Purely" meaning never
>using the written or spoken teachings of a guru, or any sage.
>Nicholas <> <> Los Angeles
>  Be vigilant in your intellectual part; for sleep about this has an
>  affinity with real death.  Demophilus

Keith:  I get the general drift.  Yes, it would be a good idea to kindly
state references when they would be helpful or if someone requests them.
Some would want only a scholarly type of debate ie. HPB said this on page
... of the SD and I am standing by it etc.

Yet, like I said in the Proem she say clearly not to accept her words, but
to test it for oneself in a "scientific" type of manner.  I believe this is
the only way possible for the modern  person.  Accepting things on faith or
based on "AUTHORITY" and finding them ridiculous, is what got mey interested
in theosophy.  By the way the kabalah stuff is from the Bnei Baruch website.
I understand they are Russian kabbalists that are now living in Israel.
curiouser and curiouser (Reference is from ALICE IN WONDERLAND, I don't know
the page :) >) CHESHIRE :)


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