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Re:races and maya and thought

Jan 20, 1998 07:46 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

There is evidence in ancient writings that support the existence of
androgynous beings at one time, just as (I suppose) there are examples of
creatures, like fish maybe, who are live today who have rudiments of both
sexes in them. So we all feel comfortable with the concept. From asexual to
bisexual to androgynous to sexual is the way the process looks from the top
down. From the bottom up, we could just reverse it.

But because the sixth and second races are reported androgynous doesn't
mean that they couldn't also be half man and half animal? or half man and
half ascended master? I know the concept is spoken out loud in the SD, but
she mentions mystery still remaining behind what she was able to speak
frequently through the volumes. In my mind there would be four
possibilities. Male AM, male H; Male AM, female H; Female AM, male H,
Female AM, female H.

So let's say we call two out of the four possibilities androgynous. People
accept this notion. What are we to call the other two possibilities? Do
they accept the notion of the unamed two? I don't think they do YET. I
don't think it's been written about or there was any evidence of it
existing, but I am ignorant on the matter and can only report on what I
read. The centaur would be our half man, half beast example. There were
others, I think, too.

I thought man brought sexuality to the animals and plants on the earth. I
read where flowers have only been existing in their present form for 4
million years or so, which would be close to 4th race man time-wise.
Dinosaurs laid eggs. Does anyone know how they fertilized them?

Plato's description of the roly-poly man is in THE SECRET DOCTRINE, Vol II
where he describes a being with four arms, two heads, four legs, etc., that
couldn't walk but had to sort of float - a future use for levitation!? I
wonder if that being really had bones throughout. Would it be possible to
have a sixth race animal creation in the same body as a human? One might
have bones and the other wouldn't. Boneless man could have attained some
degree of visible form that could function only secondarily until the
animal was completely subjugated and a second ascension had occurred. When
the animal had taken a second ascension, man could simply flick off all of
this unnecessary baggage and a nice little separated creation could
coinhabit the earth.

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