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Re:angels and shistas are maya to me

Jan 15, 1998 02:35 AM
by Mark Kusek

> Brenda Tucker wrote:
> The teachings of the rounds, globe chains, and lifewaves. After seven
> rounds, each kingdom graduates to the next level. What was animal becomes
> human, etc. and the lifewaves follow each other around the globes and do
> not reside on the same globe together, according to my interpretation of
> the material.

But the other lifewaves (in the elementas, mineral, vegetable and animal
kingdoms) that are presently resident on this globe together with us now
ARE deserving of our respect as evolving monads even thought they won't
pass into their next respective kingdoms until the 5th chain.

> They could be part of the chain, but not part of the earth presently.

That doesn't make complete sense. While there may be sishtas for each
kingdom from preceding lifewaves and rounds (that have passed on to
other globes) present on this globe, there are also a succession of
other lifewaves that currently exist and evolve on this globe and ensoul
all of the kingdoms.

> I don't mean that there are not ensouled animals and
> plants, only that they are not here on earth with us in an ensouled form,
> but in a sishta form.

We are in the middle of the 5th root race. The monads comprising the
life streams that currently ensoul the human as well as the other
kingdoms on our globe are here in abundance. Their sishtas have by and
large been re-awakened.

> I had to come up with some alternatives to having their ensouled existence
> here, because of the teaching concerning the seven globes in this earth
> chain and how the lifewaves travel a certain distance from each other so
> that each globe ahead of us is occupied with a different kingdom: the
> mineral on Globe G, the vegetable on Globe F, the animal on Globe E and
> here we are, the last of seven lifewaves, on Globe D, earth. This is taken
> from The Mahatma Letters, The Secret Doctrine, and The Occult World and
> Esoteric Buddhism, if I remember correctly.

You are following the course of one connotation of "lifewave" in your
thinking, but not taking into account another in which there are a
succession of six other "lifewaves" in addition to the one you consider.
These are all presently evolving and ensouling forms in all kingdoms on
our globe now.

> I can't remember CWL/AB's writings very well. I'll have to reread them.
> Don't they suggest that these beings are going in an opposite direction and
> involving rather evolving?

The three elemental kingdoms are said to be on a downward arc,
involuting. The Mineral Kingdom is the turning point and the vegetable,
animal and human kingdoms are on the upward evolutionary arc.

This stuff will boggle your noodle!
For just that very reason Buddha asked us rather to be compassionate to
all sentient life and work toward liberation for all.

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