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Re:Re: Selfishness

Dec 31, 1997 01:31 PM
by Mark Kusek

Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> It seems to me that we are in fact discussing the best ways that we have
> personally found to accelerate our own advance, and we are either trying to
> secure confirmation of our thinking and analysis of the situation, or we
> are sharing with others those ideas we found useful.

I'd agree with that.

> As to morality and ethics, can we not simplify and say that all which is
> constructive and gives to others their due, is "good."  Similarly all that
> is isolationist or selfish or seeks to hold on to ideas that are not
> "universal," is "evil, and causes the horrors of life and living.

As long as you don't oversimplify and consider, for example, a single
person who is trying to get their personal life in order and maybe
concentrate on their career, etc. as selfish or evil.

Nice talking with you Dallas. Happy New Year! -- M

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