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Re:Re: Selfishness

Dec 31, 1997 05:33 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 30th 1997

Dallas Writes:

I am looking at several responses to the exchanges between Mark and myself,
and all appear to bear in the same general direction.

I do not think that there is any condemnatory situation here.  In fact in
the SECRET DOCTRINE,  Vol. 1, pp. 177-191, HPB seems to outline the
condition we are all in terms of the general evolutionary progression.

The three lines of evolution that are intermixed are described and their
origin is traced.

Over aeons of time, experience with other beings adjusts all concepts.

It seems to me that we are in fact discussing the best ways that we have
personally found to accelerate our own advance, and we are either trying to
secure confirmation of our thinking and analysis of the situation, or we
are sharing with others those ideas we found useful.

I find in studying Theosophy that there is an indication of a "heart
doctrine."  this seems to point to a very universal basis for
consideration. The Buddha put it one way and other great Teachers have used
different ways of expression.  What I have found to be valuable to me is
that HPB draws all these many threads (some of which are very fragmentary,
and some of which may be to scholars imaginary -- as for instance, the
credibility of THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE, and the BOOK OF DZYAN) together
and makes a unified package of them.

I was reading in the December 18th issue of the L.A.TIMES (p. B-2) an
article by Cole concerning the Mach principle in physics whereby "inertia
is presumed to be the cumulative resistance to change generated by all the
gravitational interaction of every bit of matter with every other bit of
matter in the universe."  Further investigation has shown by the warping of
light [around stellar bodies of great density] that this theory has
validity and ties in with Einstein's general theory of gravity.  The author
continues:  "Like a fly caught in a spider web, everything we do has an
effect on the whole of our universe.  Every time we twitch, the whole thing
twitches with us...Ultimately we are related to granite and gold--all "star
stuff," in the words of Carl Sagan,  Trace your ancestry back far enough,
and your great....grandmother [a billion times removed] is an exploding

It is interesting to read between the lines the necessity for
astro--physicists to deal in universals such as time, space, energy,
relationships and the ever-pressing one:  the importance of even the
smallest part to the WHOLE.  Also implied is the immortality of the
"life-atom."  The Occult doctrines in the SD show that even the atom is
"infinitely divisible."  Memory resides in an area that is non-material in
space, but is accessible to the trained mind.  The process of development
and evolution is ageless.  If spirit and matter form the poles of
manifestation, then the link between them is MIND - or the power to
comprehend all degrees of difference or of admixtures of one with the other
at all levels.  This would imply that what "MAN [ the great corps of Adepts
] has done," we, the present men, can do.  -- We have in potential all the
equipment needed.  Our WILL determines -- motive is all.

As to morality and ethics, can  we not simplify and say that all which is
constructive and gives to others their due, is "good."  Similarly all that
is isolationist or selfish or seeks to hold on to ideas that are not
"universal," is "evil, and causes the horrors of life and living.

Of what use is it to be the world's "bread-basket" if we do not share that
"bread" with those who are starving and needy ?  If we have help to offer,
medicines, assistance, housing, clothing for the cold, etc... of what use
is it to hoard it ?

Many a time I see the argument raised that we bought it with our time and
labor.  True, but we can also share.  There is much to be done to reform
the ills of our country, and also we have enough to spare to reach out to
others to help them when they need it.  Of what value is politics or war if
those seek to retain temporary dominance and personal power ?  Who enjoys ?
 who suffers ?  fi government has an ideal the distribution of assistance
in time of need so that All may receive help, then the over-burden of many
aspects of government clogs and exhausts it.

		Dallas TenBroeck                        (818) 222-8024
                   23145 Park Contessa,
            Calabasas, Ca., 91302, USA.

> From: "Mark Kusek" <>
> Subject: Re:Re: Selfishness
> Date: Tuesday, December 30, 1997 10:50 PM
> Nicholas Weeks wrote:
> >
> > >As for motivation to overcome comfortable "vices", I'll bet your karma
> > >will take care of that, as will mine. "Save from suffering, save from
> > >harm, Boddhisattva, come!"
> >
> > Since Buddha defined karma as motive, will or volition (cetanaa), our
> > motives are our karma.  If there is no motive of Right Effort, then
> > is no Karma to take care of us.
> I believe that there is, in the effects caused by one's actions.
> However, I agree with you that it might take some time. Isn't cause and
> effect the whole mechanism of evolution? That's a bit like saying that
> the Causless Cause isn't a Right Effort, no?
> > Conversely, if our motive is weak,
> > sporadic or non-existent in dealing with our animal nature, then our
> > karma will be indifference or hostility to dealing with it.  This
> > takes many lives to form.
> Sounds like the definition of the average human being to me.
> What do you think would happen if our motive is to kindly accept, love
> and try to understand ourselves as well as our animal nature?
> > What is the source of the quote?  Does it mean the Bodhisattva will
save us?
> The quote is from a Chinese Buddhist mantra to Avalokiteshvara (Kwan
> Yin).
> What it means, I suppose, depends on how you understand Avalokiteshvara.
> Mark
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