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Re: Selfishness

Dec 30, 1997 09:12 PM
by Nicholas Weeks

>As for motivation to overcome comfortable "vices", I'll bet your karma
>will take care of that, as will mine. "Save from suffering, save from
>harm, Boddhisattva, come!"

Since Buddha defined karma as motive, will or volition (cetanaa), our
motives are our karma.  If there is no motive of Right Effort, then there
is no Karma to take care of us.  Conversely, if our motive is weak,
sporadic or non-existent in dealing with our animal nature, then our
karma will be indifference or hostility to dealing with it.  This pattern
takes many lives to form.

What is the source of the quote?  Does it mean the Bodhisattva will save us?

Nicholas <> <> Los Angeles
  The only God which Theosophists worship is Truth; the only devil which
  they recognize and which they fight against with unabated fury is the
  Satan of egotism and human passions.  Blavatsky

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